Eating Meaningfully

Meaningless eating is a tough habit to break. I know that it has been quite a challenge for myself, and I am sure it is for others as well. I can be a compulsive eater. I’m hungry, I eat. I’m bored, I eat. I’m upset, I eat. I’m stressed, I eat. I think you get the idea.…… Continue reading Eating Meaningfully

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Discerning Depression

Let’s start by saying that Depression is a real issue that needs to be addressed and better understood so that those suffering can receive proper treatment. Throughout our lives, we will experience moments of sadness, grief, feeling ‘down and out’. For some, these are mere speed bumps in the road of life. Sometimes they are…… Continue reading Discerning Depression

A Better Self

Unfit Titles

Jock. Retard. Crazy. Stupid. Fag. Slut. Freak.  And those do not even begin to amount to the endless labels, or titles, people hand out to those that surround us.  As humans, we seem to have this natural drive to add a label on to things. Including people. A tag that allows us to differentiate and…… Continue reading Unfit Titles


15 Tricks For Better Sleep

I would like to think that it is pretty common knowledge that sleep is good for you. Adequate sleep is even better. It is suggested that we get a full 8 hours. Now, I don’t know about y’all, but my sleep patterns aren’t the best. Trying to fit in 8 hours of sleep each night…… Continue reading 15 Tricks For Better Sleep

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The Million Dollar Question

Many people who have known me over the years have witnessed my fluctuations of weight. Let’s all understand that I have never been small. I wasn’t really what I would call “fat”, but always had a little extra chunk. An extra jiggle in the middle, if you will. Even as a kid. As I said before,…… Continue reading The Million Dollar Question


Life In Vivid Color

Yesterday, my oldest child turned 4 years old. Each time I hit another yearly marker in the life of my children, I end up reflecting on their journey so far. Reliving the memories like a vivid dream. Full of ups and downs. Sparked with color and noise. A mixture of joy and sadness, all at…… Continue reading Life In Vivid Color

A Better Self


Self-Doubt seems to be an unwelcome friend for many, myself included. That rude one that barges in unexpectedly and sticks around way to long. It’s that little voice in your head that is determined to put you down, to diminish your capabilities, to distinguish the fire that fuels your ambition.  Self-Doubt: lack of confidence in…… Continue reading Doubt