Where it began.

We all say we are going to take the time to be healthier. “New Year, New Me”, right? That’s what I told myself. Year after year. The truth was, I was lost.I didn’t know what to do.

Here I was, thirty pounds heavier after nursing school and continually packing it on. Then I got pregnant over the next year and packed on more. Sure, I lost weight after my first child, only to gain back 20/30lbs that I had lost! I swore that was it! I was changing my habits. And I did. I lost about 20lbs. Then I was pregnant, again. I did better this time, only gaining 20lbs during my pregnancy as opposed to the 30lbs during the first.

After I had my second child, something hit me. There I was, 26 years old and I was still so unhealthy. It was difficult to play with my growing boys and painful to endure each day. I have chronic pain, and the excess weight just made it worse! I had to make a change… a big one! Now, I am 55+lbs down from my highest [non-pregnant] weight. I have made changes, and continue to do so, so that I can live the life I deserve for myself, my husband, and my children. I only hope I can help someone else do the same!
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