Just stop it already!

Put it down! Do it….

Sodas were my go-to. Give me a Coke, Pepsi, Mt.Dew, and the worries of the world were gone. I was addicted. I admit it. The carbonation, the bite, the bubbles, the first pop of the can, the sugar. I wanted it all. All. The. Time.

Cut it out

I knew I had to do something. I was drinking nothing but soda all day, every day. The sluggish feeling and continued weight gain were becoming incapacitating. One morning about 4 years ago, I decided enough was enough! I had tried [and failed] many times to limit my amount of caffeinated sodas. This time, I just didn’t buy anymore. I can’t drink them if they aren’t there, right? So I stopped. It was not easy, let me tell you. The headaches were rough to begin with. Ibuprofen was my friend! But, I was determined that was it.

And then…

I continued to steer clear of caffeinated sodas, although I found myself continuing to drink things like Sierra Mist or Sprite. I needed the carbonation, or so I told myself. Plus, I didn’t drink much else before. What was I to do? After the initial headaches went away, it wasn’t bad. The problem was, even with the healthier opt of the clear drinks, I still wasn’t feeling up to par.

I had to make a change, again. This one was the hardest! I decided to put it all down and switch to drinking water instead. The problem was, I could not stand drinking water. It was bland! So bland! I also didn’t care for the flavoring additives either. I had to basically force myself to drink it initially. Eventually, I found I liked it most with lemon [or lemon juice] added. I set a goal of the amount of water I wanted to drink and tried my best to hit it daily. Some days I didn’t, but others I surpassed my goal.

Even Now

I still continue to drink water as my primary fluid source each day [along with a decent amount of coffee and an occasional glass of wine]. I have grown to love it, want it, and need it, just like I did those sodas. The difference is, my body needs it too. Quickly after quitting the sodas, I noticed changes. I began feeling better and lost weight. There is literally no benefit that I experienced drinking sodas. None. They are full of sugar and can contribute to many health complications.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

So, put it down…right now! Grab a glass of water instead.

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9 thoughts on “Just stop it already!

    1. It isn’t always an easy switch, especially if you never drink it. I didn’t expect it to be as difficult as it was. What is important is learning to pursue it through the difficulties. Thank you & love you.


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