Recovering From a Weekend Binge

I think it is fair to say that most of us treat ourselves to a little “cheat day” every now and then. I’m not gonna lie, a periodic cheat day keeps me sane. A little slice of cake may keep me from going off of the deep end. Just saying…

This weekend, my husband and I were out of town for an event. Now, I’m sure someone else can understand how difficult it can be to stick to your normal routine when you are away from home. If not, you are my hero & rock on with yo’ bad self!

We take trips only every once in the bluest of all moons, so we like to take this time to enjoy it. Eat what we want, be lazy if we want, etc. So, we did just that. I neglected my normal exercise routines (although we did hike a mountain Saturday, so that counts. Right?!) and binged a little. While I was semi-mindful of what I ate, I still ate a little more and differently than normal. I also had a few more glasses of wine than I typically do. So now, it’s time to allow my body the ability to recover.

Here are a few steps you can take when you are recovering from a weekend binge:

  • Forgive yourself! Chill out and don’t panic. It’s easy to beat yourself up. Just don’t! Breathe. One bad day, one unhealthy meal, or one skipped exercise session is not the end of the world. This will not make or break you.
  • Drink some ACV. Ok, so it’s not the best tasting stuff, but it is too beneficial to pass up. Grab yourself a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar with mother (I usually use Bragg’s) and add it into your day. You can mix it in with water, make a drink with it, or just toss it back. When I have had a binge day, I usually make sure to take a shot of ACV to help give my body that extra kickstart. ACV has so many benefits including: detoxifying properties, fights indigestion (which I have horribly when I eat unhealthily), assists the body with breaking down food, and many more. I know it smells bad and doesn’t have a great taste, but fill a shot glass, plug your nose, toss it back, and chase it with some water.
  • Increase your water intake. So, y’all know I like to preach about the importance of drinking water. Well here I go again. Do it! Drink the water. Actually, increase your intake temporarily. Your body is going to need it to flush out those extra toxins and gunk. Consider adding in some lemon for extra detox benefits.
  • Toss in some extra fresh fruits and veggies. Your body will thank you for the extra vitamins and minerals that you will get from doing so. Those nutrients will help to rid your system of the empty calories you took in.
  • Keep the carbs and sugar count down. Remember how those simple carbs can turn to fat storage & how too much sugar is a bad idea? Yeah, that’s where I am headed. Let’s keep those counts down while your body recoops. Increase your lean meats and proteins instead along with those veggies and fresh fruits (natural sugars).
  • Move your body. Get up and move. Yoga is beneficial for massaging the organs and improving digestion. Increasing cardio is a good way to help your body detox. Remember, sweating is important as it is your body’s natural way of flushing those toxins out of your body.
  • Keep it up! So you had a cheat day (or weekend in my case), it happens. Just don’t stray away too far for too long. Hop back on your train and chug along, my friend. Use that binge as a learning lesson, if need be. How did your body react to what you put in it? Were there certain things that you did not tolerate well? How did you feel afterwards?

Don’t beat yourself up. Life happens. Cravings happen. Just get back on track and move on.

Happy Monday Y’all!

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