Yoga: Where to Start

Since I made the recent post Why I Yoga, I have had several people ask me where or how to start. I thought it might be a good idea to make a quick post to help others. 

Deciding to start yoga is the first step, however it is easy to get stuck here. Try to not feel intimidated or overwhelmed. A vinyasa or hatha practice would be great to start with. Hatha sequences are typically slower paced and encompass a gentle practice. It is usually good for those just beginning as it focuses on basic yoga poses. Vinyasa practices are slightly more intense as they dwell around a continuous flow of movement that matches the breath. They usually start with several sun salutations before moving towards more stretching. You hear the word flow interchanged with vinyasa frequently due to the continuous movement between poses. 

Then it’s time to find a class. Whether it be at a local gym, studio, or even online, finding a class is the best way to introduce yourself to yoga. If able, get in front of a yoga instructor. Finding a good instructor may really help to stick with it. If you’re located in a rural area like I am, there may be limited access to a yoga class. Good thing someone invented the Internet! 😊 Tons of videos are available online. I highly recommend Yoga With Adriene. You can go to her site or catch her on YouTube. 

It may also help to know what to bring with you. Ultimately you just need yourself. Nothing more. Some comfortable and breathable clothes are your best option. A yoga mat is great to help give a little cushion for your body and also helps to prevent slipping. Eventually, you may want to invest in things like blankets, blocks, straps, wheels, etc. (There is an ever growing list of possible accessories) For now, just make sure you have yourself & some comfy clothes. 

How did you get started? 

Happy Fit Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Yoga: Where to Start

  1. Hi Shawna, my name is Ivana. Thank you for sharing your tips about how to start with yoga. 🙂

    I think we can both agree that with the stress and so many things happening around us, it’s hard to find the balance and embrace the moment. For me, the thing that centers me the most is good music, so I would like to share some with you in the hopes it will help you find your inner peace:

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    1. I previously enjoyed the treadmill and weight lifting. However, over the years, my wants have changed, as has what brings me happiness. Yoga has helped me tremendously with my flexibility, balance, Joint and muscle pain, and mood.


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