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Your belly looks kind of old. 

Surely I am not the only one whose child says the craziest things, right?! My oldest recently sat beside me while I was lying down and said, “Mom, your belly looks kind of old.” I couldn’t help but laugh and have him further explain.

Apparently, from his position, my stretch marks made my belly look wrinkly, which he associated with being old. Smart kid.

So, I did the only thing I knew to do and explained to him why my belly looks that way. I explained how that same belly kept him and his brother safe and cozy while they grew big enough to come meet us. He can remember me being pregnant with his younger brother, so that makes sense to him. After I explained that those wrinkles and those stretch marks  were just reminding us that him and his brother were in my belly, he was over the moon. He said, “Momma, we was in your belly. Aww. So sweet.” Then followed up with kissing those marks that look old and lying his sweet little noggin on them.

Y’all, I love being a momma. It is stressful at times and the hardest job in the world, but moments like these make it worth every bit of it. And then some!

That child found beauty in what we often see as an imperfection. I have had many fluctuations in my weight and have had two kids. There is a kangaroo pouch (that I am pretty sure is here for the long haul) and stretch marks. Things that we try to hide and get rid of, children find beauty in.

So, I encourage you to also find beauty in these “imperfections”. After all, those sweet babies of yours do. And if they can love those tiger stripes, so can we.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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