Making Breakfast a Priority

When we get to where we are leading busy lives, we tend to forget to make certain things a priority. When you are trying to juggle many responsibilities, you usually end up having to drop something. Maybe something that seems simple or unimportant. Unfortunately, it is sometimes something that we need the most. 

Breakfast is one of those things

Breakfast needs to be a priority. I understand that you’re in a rush, that you don’t have time. I’m in the same boat. Find a way to make it happen. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, in fact it shouldn’t be. We’re talking 300-400 calories worth of food here. Not 1500. And when I say food, I mean real food

Fruits. Proteins. Whole Grains. Veggies. 

That is what your breakfast should be composited of. I’ll give you a few examples:

  • Whole grain tortilla, scrambled egg, fresh veggies, salsa
  • Boiled eggs, whole grain muffin, mixed berries
  • Whole grain toast, peanut butter, banana
  • Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, walnuts
  • Steel cut oats, berries, flax seed

There are many options of healthy breakfast ideas and many are simple to follow through on, and can even be prepped ahead of time! Drink a glass of water before eating and take your well-balanced meal to go if you need to. Remember to make sure you keep your grains whole and avoid those simple carbs. 

Click here for my simple explanation of carbohydrates. 

So why do we need breakfast?! Why not?!

Your body needs it. A glass of water first thing tells your body to wake up, and a balanced meal helps kick the engine in gear with the right fuel. A healthy breakfast can improve your ability to concentrate and stay on task. It helps keep your metabolism in check and subsequently promote weight loss. Those whole grains make sure that your glucose levels stay regulated and prevent a crash later. And having a hearty meal to start your day may help prevent unhealthy snacking later on. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you are what you eat, why not start off on a good note?

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6 thoughts on “Making Breakfast a Priority

  1. I definitely make sure to drink water first thing as I wake up, then my coffee. It’s always been hard for me to eat in the morning so unusually stuck with oatmeal because it helps my bowel movements as well. (Sorry tmi) the only way I could eat more then that is when I workout in the mornings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl, I’m a nurse…literally NOTHING is TMI anymore. Haha. Oatmeal is a good option. I love it too. Toss in some flaxseed, cinnamon…yum. I think some people are like that too. They can’t eat much in the morning. My husband is usually like that. The problem is that they end up skipping it all together many times, instead of putting something in their stomach. Life is busy, people are different. Do you eat dinner late at night?


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