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An Emotional Sound

Have you ever found it amazing how even the simplest sound can evoke such an intense emotional response?

Even if you haven’t, good news is that I have. 😉

Think about the laugh of a child, the break in someone’s voice when they are about to cry, your favorite song, the drip of the coffee maker, the sound of your spouse’s voice, the huffing of an exasperated coworker. Stop. Listen. Be mindful of them. How do those sounds make you feel?

There is no right or wrong answer. That is part of the beauty of us all being different. 

I have had a complete 180 degree turn in my emotions as I have grown, and especially since I have become a mother. I went from being a person who rarely felt the intense need to respond to emotions, to one that has to contain themself from overresponding. Not only has the intensity of my response changed, but my overall reaction has changed in general. For example, maybe previously I found the sound of a crying child to be easily irritating. Maybe it sounds harsh, but I know I’m not the only one. Now, that same sound causes me to feel concerned or the need to fix whatever may be wrong, to help, to aide.

Music is a great example of how sounds play on our emotions and make us feel something. Ever listen to a song, and just the melody, not even the words, make you want to cry? Do you have that one song that you always listen to when you’re down because it’s sure to put you in a positive mood?

What sounds make you feel happy? Sad? Angry? Love? Find the sounds that bring beauty and contentment to your soul. The ones that bring a smile to your face and instantly calm you. Surround yourself with those. Distance yourself from the negative sounds that cause a feeling of displeasure or sorrow. 

Be mindful of finding your own meaningful sound. 

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