Forget the Numbers

Since when did we allow “healthy” to translate to “skinny”? When did we lose focus of true well-being and trade it for wanting a smaller waist size? Why did it become about a numbers not health?

Let me also say that I have been guilty of this as well.

I feel like we often lose the true meaning of what it is to have a healthy body. We have that ideal dress size we want to squeeze into, or that perfect number we want to see on the scale. And when we do see those numbers, we feel accomplished. Happy. Whole. I have those numbers too. I had set small goals with a larger ultimate goal and had my mind set on meeting them. In any way possible. 

While my goals weren’t unrealistic, I knew it would take work and time to get there. Let me just burst your bubble and tell you there is no healthy way to drop weight quickly and keep it off. If you find it, let me know.

I would get impatient, or I would plateau, and then would drastically reduce my caloric intake to try to meet those numbers that I had set to see. I would do exactly what I said not to do in Are You Eating Enough. (Lesson learned. Do as I say, not as I do.) I would weigh multiple times a day and solely focus on the numbers. If I was even a tenth off from where I was the day before, I felt a sense of panic or doubt. That was when I realized I was focused only on my number goal and not on my health as a whole. 

While it was common knowledge that part of me starting my new lifestyle and journey towards improvement would involve weight loss, it was so much more. And I was losing focus of that. I was less focused on how I felt and more focused on whether I had lost another pound. So, I stopped weighing as much and focused more on what my body was telling me. What new things was I able to do that I couldn’t before? How did I feel while playing with my children? How easy was it to climb that flight of stairs? When I changed my focus, I gained a new goal: To have a healthy body, not a skinny one.

Let me just say that I will never be a size two. If I am, y’all better send me to the doctor because something ain’t right. Other people are like me as well. A certain size or a certain weight is not realistic for our body type. While I had my mind set on a certain goal (one that I knew was appropriate for my body type and me, personally), I was focused on having a healthy body at that weight. One that was fed wholly, not starved. One that could be active, not barely crawl. One that was Whole, Hearty, Happy.

So, set a goal. That’s fine. Make sure it is a realistic one. But don’t let those numbers be your only focus. Don’t let them run the show and dictate your choices. Don’t let them be what builds you up or breaks you down. Allow yourself to find your way to a healthy being and a healthy life. Be it at a size 2 or a size 22.


“Healthy is an outfit that looks different on EVERY body.”

Copyright © 2017 Shawna: Whole, Hearty, Happy – All rights reserved


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