A Better Self

Giving Thanks

For those that have viewed and those that will in the future, Thank You!

My little baby blog has been a source of release for me. The availability of having a place to write something that had meaning to me. Sometimes it is healthy tips, maybe some motherly stories, or possibly something a bit deeper that seeks to find insight into myself and the world around me. It is still relatively new with a life that has started less than three months ago. 

I have enjoyed this much more than I had anticipated. I am thankful to the friend who suggested starting a blog. This was foreign territory to me and not an avenue I intended to pursue. But, I did, and am happy for it. 

My itty bitty blog has been checked out over 1,000 times, is followed by nearly 60 individuals, and has had almost 600 different visitors. 

Now, I know to some, that is just a drop in the bucket to what they have experienced. That is fine. But I could not be more thrilled that so many beautiful people have taken time to read what I have written. I have received wonderful responses from everyone. I love reading your feedback.

I thank you all, and look forward to continuing this journey with each reader as well as the fellow bloggers out there. 

“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.”

Stay whole, hearty, and happy!

Copyright © 2017 Shawna: Whole, Hearty, Happy – All rights reserved

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