A Better Self

Ignoring Miracles

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? I guess for you to be able to answer that correctly it would only be fair for me to also ask what you would consider to be a miracle. So, what is a miracle to you?  Is it winning the lottery? Passing a difficult exam? Getting the job you…… Continue reading Ignoring Miracles


What’s a “Super” Food?

I’m pretty sure my first reaction to initially hearing the word superfood was something along the lines of: “Um, excuse me, my expanding waist size is here to tell you that all food is super.” I had never heard of such a thing before in my life. Now, you see the term everywhere. I figured maybe we…… Continue reading What’s a “Super” Food?

A Better Self

Why You Need To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I know that when my husband sees this title he’s going to think, “Honey, you need to practice what you preach!” And that is true. It’s something I steadily work on and encourage you all to do as well. To step out of your comfort zone. To see the world outside of whatever box you…… Continue reading Why You Need To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Motherhood & Life

Preparing for Passion

Whenever Easter comes around, I can’t help but to be overwhelmed with emotion. I think this has only increased since becoming a mother. (I blame it on the crazed jumbling of hormones that never quite goes to back self-correct mode). I become engulfed with a combination of awe, love, sorrow, but mostly faith. I am…… Continue reading Preparing for Passion


FA(s)T Food

Whoever the sly son-of-a-gun was that managed to sneak that ‘s’ in there was slicker than snot on a doorknob. (I know my fellow southerners expected a goose poo reference instead. 😉)  For those who are unaware, fast food can cause immense weight gain along with many other complications. The problem is, it’s so stinking…… Continue reading FA(s)T Food

A Better Self

Be A Champion

What comes to mind when you think of a champion? Initially, the picture that comes to mind, for me, is one of a boxer in the ring, drenched in sweat, raising his gloved hand in victory. A fighter, literally and figuratively. Someone who knows what they want and stops at nothing to make it happen. Someone…… Continue reading Be A Champion

A Better Self

Prudent Pause

We spend our lives in a constant state of 5 o’clock rush hour. Full of hurrying, quick reactions, expediting the future. We rarely take time to pause.  Pause. Breathe. Listen. Feel. Be present.  There have been several things that I have seen lately relating to the idea of “pausing” for one reason or another. It…… Continue reading Prudent Pause