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Prudent Pause

We spend our lives in a constant state of 5 o’clock rush hour. Full of hurrying, quick reactions, expediting the future. We rarely take time to pause

Pause. Breathe. Listen. Feel. Be present. 

There have been several things that I have seen lately relating to the idea of “pausing” for one reason or another. It has made me think about myself. How those ideas, quotes, etc. relate to myself and my life. Where can I take the time to slow down and regain focus?

At times, I want to find the controller on life and hit skip or at least fast-forward. Then I come to moments where my kids are fighting over who gets closest to momma, my husband is lying on my lap while we are watching a movie, or we are all four piled in the floor wrestling over who can give more kisses and tickles. These are the moments that I want to hold on to. To find the pause button for, to rewind and replay. These are the moments that we must slow down and appreciate. The moments that mean the most to us. Often they are little things as I described. They can easily get lost in our morning scrambles to rush to work or our swift movements to keep house and check off the items on our nightly routine. Lost amidst the continued sprinting of daily life. 

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Then there are other times that a pause is necessary, but often hard for me to find. This continues to be an avenue that I am working on, and one that I feel continues to have to be worked on throughout life. 

Practice the pause. Pause before judging. Pause before assuming. Pause before accusing. Pause whenever you’re about to act harshly and you’ll avoid doing and saying things you’ll later regret. 

I can be a prudent person when it comes to many of life’s decision, however that does not always ring true to my verbal reactions to a situation. I always said that I had no filter. If I think it, I say it. While that it not necessarily always a negative trait, it isn’t always a sought after one either. My mind tends to refuse to see the yield sign when transferring thought into words. The sign that tells you to pause before zooming into traffic and causing a complete chaotic mess. It views it as more of a yellow light that sometimes encourages a speed up instead of slow down kind of reaction. 

When I speak, I tend to always say what I mean. Even if it is harsh, I usually mean it. I’m a Taurus. We are honest and blunt. Act first and think later. But it doesn’t mean that I should neglect putting my mouth and mind on pause to decipher whether action is a prudent one. Is it going to be a sensible reaction that will cause a beneficial result in the future? Or is there a way I could handle it that would cause a better outcome? That small yield in action could be all the difference. 

It seems important that we take opportunities in life and slow down. Slow down to enjoy the now instead of pushing towards the later. Slow down to be happy on our pursuit to happiness. Slow down to adjust our actions to ones that are wise. 

Slow down to practice the pause. Whatever that may mean for you. 

Happy Monday,


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2 thoughts on “Prudent Pause

  1. It can be difficult not to blurt things out as soon as you think of them can’t it!
    I think prudent pauses can be an excellent way to think carefully before you say something that might hurt someone…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. Often what we say might not be negative in itself, however pausing before allowing it to spill out may give us the opportunity to change how we say it and produce a more positive outcome. It’s difficult for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

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