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Ignoring Miracles

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? I guess for you to be able to answer that correctly it would only be fair for me to also ask what you would consider to be a miracle. So, what is a miracle to you? 

Is it winning the lottery? Passing a difficult exam? Getting the job you hoped for? Finally getting those perfect jeans to zip up? Making it to work on time? Being cured of a terminal illness? 

Every day holds the possibility of a miracle. 

This weekend, it seemed as though this idea kept being brought up before me: Ignoring Miracles. So often we expect miracles to be this grand spectacle. We look for something comparable to the water turning to wine, the story of Lazarus, the blind being made to see, the lame made to walk. So often we expect that only resplendent acts count as miracles that we neglect seeing the abundant wonders that surround us everyday. We ignore the miracles that lie right before us. 

I think of how often I have done this myself. Even today, possibly. Now, it wasn’t on purpose. I don’t awake each morning and think “Today I will ignore all blessings except those that truly blow me away.” But, we do it anyway. We experience these happenings so often that we tend to allow ourselves to get used to them. Think of them as per the norm. After all, anything can become expected over time, even miracles. 

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”-Albert Einstein

Maybe we are waiting till we experience that calm after the storm. When we hit the lowest point, but some splendid occurrence happens afterward that pulls us back to our feet. Waiting until we are at a point where hope seems nonexistent, until someone shows us a ray of possibility. But, I wonder, if we are spending our time awaiting turmoil before we can acknowledge something as being miraculous, aren’t we missing all the wonder in the meantime?

Miracles are everywhere. They are the awakening each morning. The person you spend the rest of your life with. The children cuddled up next to you. The smile on a stranger’s face. The sight of a cardinal. The flower that blooms outside. The rainbow amidst the gray skies. 

Miracles are happiness. Goodness. Love. Kind hearts. Faith. Compassion. Positivity. Understanding. Spirit. 

Expect Miracles…and be mindful when they appear. 

What miracle did you experience, or ignore, today?

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17 thoughts on “Ignoring Miracles

  1. I think you are mixing blessing with a miracle…it is a blessing to wake up healthy each morning, it is a blessing that you have a job, food to eat, kids to cuddle. It is a blessing that you were chosen for a job and finally will have money to pay the bills…but it is a miracle when against all odd, human logic, our current knowledge of the world something happens. There are many examples that this happens in the world but we mostly pray for them when we are ill, close to death and hope that God will change our current, hopeless path to something different…this is my opinion.. but maybe because I am now praying for miracle.. knowing how blessed I am with all other things that happen in my life.

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    1. I appreciate your clarification on how you perceive the two occurrences. I guess, that again goes to when I mentioned that it would depend on what a “miracle” is to you. Although some may consider it to be a blessing to have a child to cuddle, a couple who was told that they had no chance of having a child they so desperately hoped for may consider that a miracle for them. For them, having that child may have went against all odds or human logic in their case. So, I think that this means something different for each of us. This is just my opinion though. And I appreciate you giving yours as well.

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  2. A very inspirational and good post! I must say, you have a beautiful eloquent writing which I love so dearly, this is because you can tell so much in a few paragraphs, saying what you have to say without writing to much. Again, I loved it and I am looking forward for your upcoming blog posts! 😀 😀

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  3. I have had two miracles happen this past week. Several of my heroes agreed to endorse my book. I had prayed for six months that would happen, and I honestly didn’t expect my prayers would be answered. I
    ‘m so grateful! :))))

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      1. I’m sorry I couldn’t write a more appreciative comment of your awesome post — I blame my 9 & 12 year-old girls who were hopped up on strawberry ice cream & shrieking while I read it, LOL!

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  4. Too good…so thoughtfull ☝👌👍
    To add on Miracle, well every second of Life is miracle.You Are Alive! everything is possible..thats Miracle!!😊

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