A Better Self

Finding Yourself


I’m not always a fan of change. Change brings uncertainties, stress, a need for tailoring of thoughts, actions, finely chiseled habits. But change is necessary in many instances – including a change in ourselves and our lifestyles. However, sometimes I wonder if it is really a change, or rather a matter of us finding ourselves.

I feel like losing track of our own personal wants and needs becomes fairly easy among living our lives day-by-day and the responsibilities that many of us have. You end up doing what you feel you have to do to get through the day, just to go through the same routine tomorrow. It’s a means of survival; of making it in life. But do we lose ourselves along the way? Do we allow our true self to lie dormant, thus inhibiting us from happiness and growth?

We ravel ourselves up in our work. We spend our time taking care of our neighbor’s needs before our own. We struggle to “keep up with the Jones'”, the latest fads, the newest trends. Each day we wear many hats, we play multiple roles. We create a persona and reality that fits those surrounding us and may become a person others expect to see. Sometimes we feel completely lost before we ever even attempt to step back and find ourselves. To create the person, the life, that makes us happy.

“On the way to finding the real you, you must accept that it might mean the death of what everyone thought you to be. Just as the butterfly can no longer be a caterpillar.”

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Sometimes choosing a path of self-care or healthy living, a change in lifestyle, a new career, does not mean that you are necessarily changing who you are; but rather finding yourself. Finding the true you! Many times these revelations can bring a sense of happiness, of fulfillment; but as I mentioned earlier, change can also bring worry due to uncertainty. “New” can be scary. Even if it is positive. But if it feels right, it just may be right. Don’t allow a little stress to keep you from living a life that you deserve.



Have you ever made “changes” that allowed you to find yourself?

Has anyone not recognized your decisions as ones that were meant to bring you happiness? Did it deter you from continuing on?




10 thoughts on “Finding Yourself

    1. It happens! And to an extent it must – I cannot always act the same at home as I do at work, for instance. But is it possible that we allow all of these adjustments in our persona to cause us to lose track of ourselves? I am glad you enjoyed the post & thank you for your comment! 😊

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    1. I am glad you liked it! We often neglect ourselves. If we don’t have proper care of who we are, how are we to help others? Thank you for stopping by & your kind words.


  1. I lost so much of my personality between kids, getting my degree, chronic disease and just everyday stuff I fell into 6 years long depression. Now I’m on my way of rediscovering self. I am trying to push myself to find things I like and work toward achieving them.

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      1. Hopefully we will find our way 🙂 in meantime, I would love if you would pay a visit to livinglifedubai.com since I am just starting blogging. I would appreciate it a lot. So if you get a chance, pop by and say hi!


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