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Bound & Determined: No Cesarean For Me!

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What if I said that I was told I would have to deliver both of my boys by c-section, but manage to have both of them naturally? Would you believe it?

You should, it happened. 😉

I'm a stubborn woman. Therefore, it only seem right that my children be as well. Both of them proved just how true that was to be before they ever rightfully entered this world. We all hear the stories of women giving birth. Some peaceful, some horrendous. I've helped with plenty of women as they welcomed their babies, so I have seen my share first hand. And just like the stories, some were beautiful experiences, while others were down right terrifying! What it did make me realize, before ever becoming pregnant with my first child, was that I did not want to have a c-section.

Now, let me also start off and make it very clear that there is nothing more "superwoman-like" about having a natural birth rather than a c-section. Either way, you are bringing life into this world. You have created another being in your own body, and that alone makes you Superwoman! And as the health of my children being my absolute primary concern, should it have been medically necessary for the c-section for their well-being, I would have absolutely obliged. Without hesitancy. I just simply didn't want to be cut on.

"Never underestimate the power of a woman."

So, as you can imagine, I was quite upset when I was told that a scalpel and staples were bound to be in my future. But then came in my determination. A determination to prove someone wrong, to do what I was told I wouldn't be able to, and to have my babies my way. Those surrounding me weren't so sure that it would happen, but I was. And luckily, I have such a supportive partner in my husband. Without him I may have fallen in to that same thought process. Right up until the last minute, with both children, a cesarean was still a strong possibility.

If I would have taken the time to document the many hours I bounced on an exercise ball or performed hip opening stretches, I would have something impressive to show. I put that big blue ball to use & tested it's strength daily. More of my time was spent in a cat-cow sequence than sitting or standing. I even made several trips to the chiropractor for acupuncture.

But I did it. Both boys were born healthy & without surgical intervention. And although my headstrong personality may not always be my best quality, it played in my favor this time.


Was there ever a time when a seemingly negative quality ended up being of aide to you?

Bound & Determined

10 thoughts on “Bound & Determined: No Cesarean For Me!

  1. Good for you, Shawna! Didn’t know we had so much in common! When I was pregnant with my twin boys (who are now 7) my docs had me on bed-rest and a subcutaneous drip of some drug that halted my contractions, which had started at 23 weeks. When the conversation turned to scheduling a C-section, I put my foot down. If the babies knew what they were doing and were in the right position, I said, I wanted to try all natural. They did, and my stubbornness, like yours, paid off! Thanks for sharing your life on your blog ~ Rebecca

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will admit that I did have medication and such, so some may not consider that “natural”. However my primary concern (other than their health) was to have them without surgery. And that, I did! 😊


  2. What a beautiful story. As I begin to consider children more, I have the same desire in my heart to have my children naturally. Most of my friends and women I know, have all had C-sections. I love this post, I love how you mention your husband was so encouraging, that is love. Cant wait for more posts.

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate your kind words and you stopping by. Yes, he is quite wonderful & always so supportive. I don’t know that I could have done it without him.


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