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A Lesson to Learn

A Lesson to Learn

Today, I watched him run to the door of that newly built brick schoolhouse, backpack hugged tightly over his shoulders, and an unbreakable smile on his face.

We have started our second full week of our first year in school. My baby, my big baby. Up until today, I was able to walk him in, take him to his teacher, make sure that he made it safely. Today, he did it all on his own.

“And so the adventure begins.”

5 Reasons Why I am OK With My Child Starting School - Whole,Hearty,Happy.pngI knew this day would come. It was pointless to deny it. But as much as I thought that I had mentally prepared for it, for this day of new-found independence, I started to immediately question it the moment he lurched upon leaping from the car. Then I realized, there is no way to really prepare for this day, this feeling. But there are a few things that keep me from teetering completely over the edge:

He’s so excited! How in the world can I possibly be a Debbie-Downer when he is so thrilled to be going to school? Right before he started, he almost cried out of pure excitement!

His social skills will improve. My child can be really shy & has times when he’s perfectly fine spending time, periodically like a solitary little lone wolf. Starting school is teaching him proper social skills.

He’s learning structure. Our children do not go to daycare, and therefore get to spend their days in a slightly willy-nilly nature. It is one of the beauties about family care, they get to have fun freely! But learning a form of structure to their day, as they get older, is so important.

He wants to learn! It amazes me how smart kids can be, especially mine 😉 . He loves learning new things and sharing them with us. What better place for him to do that than at school?

He is able to influence others as well. I don’t mean to brag (well, maybe I do), but my child has the kindest heart. Being around other children, he is able to share that with others. Help to spread a little extra kindness.

“You are capable of amazing things.”

So, while I don’t know that I love the fact that this new milestone again reminds me of the relentless growth of my first-born, I can’t help but find find some happiness in it. Some calmness in knowing that this is but a lovely stepping stone in a beautiful journey. I look forward to the expanding knowledge, new stories, and endless artwork that will surely come from his first year of school. And I do so, proudly.



3 thoughts on “A Lesson to Learn

  1. Good for you, Shawna! And thank you for sharing all the positives–from your child’s standpoint, and not just more Mommy time. (Also awesome.) I bawled the first day of school for my guys. I might cry this year, Tuesday, when I send them off to their first day of 2nd grade.


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