Motherhood & Life

The Sweet Side of Vegas

We recently took a short trip to Vegas for my husband’s job & I took full advantage of the opportunity to tag along. As this was my first plane ride & my first time out of the southeast USA, I was overwhelmed with the experience. Wonderfully overwhelmed. It was more amazing than expected. I hope…… Continue reading The Sweet Side of Vegas


5 Simple Stretches You Should Do Every Day

What is the first thing you do every morning, even before you’re feet hit the floor? You hit SNOOZE, take a deep breath, yawn, and stretch. Feels great, right?! Stretching not only feels awesome, but it also provides many benefits. It helps to loosen up those tight muscles, allowing improved flexibility, range of motion, as…… Continue reading 5 Simple Stretches You Should Do Every Day

A Better Self

Take A Break

Whether it is the (extremely long-lived) remains of the eclipse, some residual aftershock from the latest disaster, or a bad batch of ju-ju, life has felt increasingly chaotic lately. I could make a list for you, however novel writing isn’t my forte. Either way, life became busier, I became more anxious, and I became feeling…… Continue reading Take A Break