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Taking Pride in Learning


I love to see a child enjoying newly found knowledge. To watch them learn information and how to apply it. Being a mother has given me an all new appreciation for this. My oldest is currently in VPK and gets such a thrill at sharing what he learned at school each day. I am always looking to find new and fun ways to bring his learning experience home. So, when I was introduced to iKnowABC, I was excited to check it out!

iKnowABC brings a different, and entertaining, approach to childhood education. It is an award winning program developed for children between 3 to 6 years of age. For my oldest, this seemed perfect. At 4 years old, he is learning his alphabet, writing, and practicing reading. But this program showed to be more than I expected.

Children are introduced to the alphabet in a creative new way. They are told the legend of the Sunmoona Pride. A group of missing animals who need your child’s help to find their way back. The mission? Children are to help the animals by discovering their secret letters so that the lost missing members of the pride may reunite to their homes. The program has tons for you and your children to do, and multiple activities to keep them interested! read_and_roar_7

Each animal has their own letter and set of extra goodies that come along with it! Anything from tracing to spelling, videos, to even yoga poses. Meggan Riley has created wonderful opportunities for children to “move, breathe, and get in the zone for learning”. Since I have an interest in yoga and meditation, my children have picked up on this as well. The yoga practices with iKnowABC gave us great opportunities to practice together in a way that grasped his interest. I was really surprised by his willingness to practice the meditation portion. Sitting still can be difficult at that age, but he is getting used to it 😉 ! And since we had recently went to the zoo, he was so excited to identify the new creatures he had seen with those on iKnowABC, which made it all the more fun.

Take Pride Learning offers numerous ways to get interactive with iKnowABC. We access the website on our computer where we can find information for both parents and children. Parents are offered a backstage look at what your children will be learning each day. You will find activity ideas, ebooks, healthy snacks, and a little mom-spiration (because who couldn’t use that, right?!). My son was able to easily navigate the children’s portion of the website for simplistic use. We also downloaded the app on our ipad. Within no time, he was activating secret letters like a pro! Now, he’s even able to recognize several of the animal names, and you want to talk about proud?! On the app, each letter comes with several activities and videos to get your babies reading & roaring!

The Reading and Roaring campaign doesn’t just have a place at home, but also in school! Included with the program is a school curriculum that is sure to bring joy, and knowledge, to the students. An elementary school in Nevada utilized the program in 2016 and witness wonderful improvements in test scores. Check it out:

Copy of cc_ronnow_test_scores_2016-2017

So far, we have definitely enjoyed our experiences with iKnowABC, and look forward to exploring more that this program has to offer. Because, even after several weeks, we still have yet to navigate through all the goodies that Take Pride Learning has offered with this wonderful program. I can’t wait to check it all out, and I hope you do too!

Taking Pride In Learning

Check out a sweet clip from Meggan & her pride HERE!

Read and Roar Campaign
iKnow ABC Adventure App on iTunes

Learn more about Meggan Riley HERE!


(All product videos and photographs are property of Take Pride Learning. Personal photographs and thoughts are those of Shawna at Whole, Hearty, Happy.)

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