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Growing Through

Growing Through - Paving Your Own Path

I came across a quote the other day that just resonated with me:

“Grow through what you go through.”

Stuff. We all have it. That baggage that weighs you down. The skeletons you tuck away in the closet. The events of our past that still cause lingering effects.

Life. It isn’t perfect.

Pasts. We each have our own.

I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Now, I won’t pretend to know what that reason may be, but still, I believe so. The up’s, the down’s. They all serve a purpose. What if that purpose was to help you grow, to flourish? To teach you a vital lesson and help mold the character of the beautiful human being you are?

The down swings tend to seem the hardest, naturally. The hardest to understand, survive, and move on from. When we hit those deep valleys, I feel like we have two choices: become it, or grow from it. I recently saw some family that I have not seen in many years. It was mentioned that I had made them proud. That I had made something of myself. While it was meant as a compliment, I felt as though it was what I had to do. My past was not the easiest to deal with, but it was not something that I could run away from either. These events have shaped me into who I am today. For me, I feel like it was in a positive way. However, it could have just as easily been the opposite.

My experiences weren’t always positive. There are many aspects of my childhood that were negatively tainted by the bad choices, and influences, of those around me. My job, was to decide where to go from there. It is the choice that we all have, but not all choose to make. I refused to succumb to that lifestyle and settle for less than I deserve. I vowed to myself, at a younger age than I should have had to, that I would grow from this. That I would have more, do more, be more.

Growing Through - Whole,Hearty,HappyJust because we may have had bad experiences, doesn’t mean we have to become those bad experiences. You have the ability to write your own story. To pave your own path. To utilize these events as a compass toward success.

To grow through what you go through.


18 thoughts on “Growing Through

  1. “Grow through what you go through”…that right there! I’m gonna use that because is is so true! We cannot let negative past events and experiences weigh us down as they may overcome us so we have to forge ahead. We have a saying back home: “thank God that we don’t look through what we’ve been through.”

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  2. Thanks for the lovely post. It has a fantastic message that I have been thinking about recently. This year has been filled with lots of downturns but I am hoping they shape up for a better next year.


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