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Finding the Silver Lining – 8 Questions to Ask Yourself


Finding the Silver LiningLife has a funny way of sending us on this wild roller-coaster ride. Sometimes it feels like you’re on the one that wobbles a little too much; one with rusty tracks; sitting in a seat with a hole in it and a harness with a slight tear starting. Now, this doesn’t mean that all of the chaos we encounter in our lives is bad. Sometimes it’s good, really good. However, it doesn’t mean that it is always easy to deal with. Over the last few weeks, I have been busier than I have been in a LONG time. Every day there has been something occurring that takes up all of my waking hours (and then some).

Now, I could choose to allow the busy-ness to cause immense stress (which I have done at times – I won’t deny that), or I can choose to find something positive in the situations I am presented with. I have always loved the idea of every cloud having a silver lining.

Side Note: If you have never seen the movie Silver Linings Playbook, I highly recommend it! Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are amazing!

f4d408fe9a69afea4c15fd6e27afd0e2Sometimes the silver lining is found in finding the positive in a rough situation. Taking a step back and finding something good despite the challenge. Maybe it comes in the form of an individual; someone that you encounter may bring light to even the darkest of your days. Then, also consider the idea that you, you yourself, can be the silver lining; the light.


“We are the silver lining in any and every dark cloud we could find. There is no need to go looking for the light when you bring it with you.”

-Tyler Knott Gregson

I have had to actively practice finding the silver lining many times over the last few months. To allow myself to find a positive aspect to the chaos. And, I have found that, even when it seems like an impossibility, there is a light to be found, if you are only willing to look.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find the Silver Lining:

  1. What part of this situation can I be grateful for? Who can I be grateful for?
  2. How can I use this as an opportunity to start anew?
  3. How can I use this experience to grow as a person, to learn more about myself, and make positive changes?
  4. In what way can I use this situation to positively impact other individuals?
  5. What plans can I make to set goals for improvement, based on this experience?
  6. What lessons can I learn from this situation/experience?
  7. In what way can I bring light, love, truth, or positivity to the table?
  8. How can I utilize a positive attitude to induce a positive experience?

Silver Lining


So, I encourage you the same way I am encouraging myself – to allow ourselves the opportunity to take a step back and find the good, the light, the love, the silver lining.



Copyright – Whole, Hearty, Happy 2019

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