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Mental Health Awareness

For those who did not know, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As a behavioral health nurse, I see how important this is. How we all need to take the time to pay attention, not only to our physical health, but our mental and emotional health as well. To educate ourselves and raise awareness. Not…… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness

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Ignoring Miracles

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? I guess for you to be able to answer that correctly it would only be fair for me to also ask what you would consider to be a miracle. So, what is a miracle to you?  Is it winning the lottery? Passing a difficult exam? Getting the job you…… Continue reading Ignoring Miracles

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Why You Need To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I know that when my husband sees this title he’s going to think, “Honey, you need to practice what you preach!” And that is true. It’s something I steadily work on and encourage you all to do as well. To step out of your comfort zone. To see the world outside of whatever box you…… Continue reading Why You Need To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Be A Champion

What comes to mind when you think of a champion?¬†Initially, the picture that comes to mind, for me, is one of a boxer in the ring, drenched in sweat, raising his gloved hand in victory. A fighter, literally and figuratively. Someone who knows what they want and stops at nothing to make it happen. Someone…… Continue reading Be A Champion

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Prudent Pause

We spend our lives in a constant state of 5 o’clock rush hour. Full of hurrying, quick reactions, expediting the future. We rarely take time to pause.  Pause. Breathe. Listen. Feel. Be present.  There have been several things that I have seen lately relating to the idea of “pausing” for one reason or another. It…… Continue reading Prudent Pause

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Giving Thanks

For those that have viewed and those that will in the future, Thank You! My little baby blog has been a source of release for me. The availability of having a place to write something that had meaning to me. Sometimes it is healthy tips, maybe some motherly stories, or possibly something a bit deeper…… Continue reading Giving Thanks

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Discerning Depression

Let’s start by saying that Depression is a real issue that needs to be addressed and better understood so that those suffering can receive proper treatment. Throughout our lives, we will experience moments of sadness, grief, feeling ‘down and out’. For some, these are mere speed bumps in the road of life. Sometimes they are…… Continue reading Discerning Depression