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Growing Through

I came across a quote the other day that just resonated with me: “Grow through what you go through.” Stuff. We all have it. That baggage that weighs you down. The skeletons you tuck away in the closet. The events of our past that still cause lingering effects. Life. It isn’t perfect. Pasts. We each…… Continue reading Growing Through

A Better Self

A Year of Intention

How many times have you heard the saying “New Year, New Me”? Probably more times that than you care to count. Resolutions are set to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more; but rarely do these resolutions have any depth or meaning. Now, do understand that I think those are great goals. I mean, our physical…… Continue reading A Year of Intention

A Better Self

Learning to Love Me

I have always envied others. Part of me likes to think that we all do. Not necessarily because I desire us all to covet what others have, but because that thought would mean that I wasn’t alone. That I wasn’t the only one who longed for something that others had and I didn’t. It isn’t…… Continue reading Learning to Love Me

A Better Self

How do I explain this feeling?

When you hear the word “anxiety”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If someone tells you that they are “feeling anxious”, what does that mean to you? People tend to have a formulated idea of what this term means, and that idea tends to be somewhat off-base. Anxiety disorders are real, just…… Continue reading How do I explain this feeling?

A Better Self

Refueling the Spirit : My First Meditation Experience

Despite my experience with yoga thus far, I don’t think I have actually taken time to just meditate. It isn’t that the practice of yoga is the only source of allowance of meditation, but rather that it was the first source that opened my thoughts to it. Although I find myself frequently thinking deeply about…… Continue reading Refueling the Spirit : My First Meditation Experience

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Take A Break

Whether it is the (extremely long-lived) remains of the eclipse, some residual aftershock from the latest disaster, or a bad batch of ju-ju, life has felt increasingly chaotic lately. I could make a list for you, however novel writing isn’t my forte. Either way, life became busier, I became more anxious, and I became feeling…… Continue reading Take A Break

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It’s Time to Talk – Mental Health

Recently, I was asked to contribute to The Essential Life. It is such an honor to have other individuals ask you to collaborate with them; especially when the goal is spreading knowledge and positivity! I am including a small excerpt and a link to the site. Please, let me know what you think! Day in…… Continue reading It’s Time to Talk – Mental Health