15 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

Ahhh, the holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving has already come and gone, and Christmas is right around the corner! As with many, our family enjoys the food that we are sure to feast on during these times. Turkey, ham, dressing, casseroles, dessert…oh, and the list goes on. I would like to tell you that…… Continue reading 15 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays


5 Simple Stretches You Should Do Every Day

What is the first thing you do every morning, even before you’re feet hit the floor? You hit SNOOZE, take a deep breath, yawn, and stretch. Feels great, right?! Stretching not only feels awesome, but it also provides many benefits. It helps to loosen up those tight muscles, allowing improved flexibility, range of motion, as…… Continue reading 5 Simple Stretches You Should Do Every Day


Breaking the Slump

Have you ever stopped one day and realized that you haven’t participated in a single one of your exercise routine for days, weeks, maybe more?! If the answer is “NO”, then I applaud your ability to break through the wave of reality roadblocks that seem to throw many of us off track. For those of…… Continue reading Breaking the Slump


20 Fat Burning Foods

I don’t know about you guys, but the thought that some foods can help me burn fat, sounds quite exciting. So, how does it happen? Well, as you all know, some foods have higher protein content, better nutritious value, or require an increased amount of energy to process. While no one food is going to instantly…… Continue reading 20 Fat Burning Foods

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It’s Time to Talk – Mental Health

Recently, I was asked to contribute to The Essential Life. It is such an honor to have other individuals ask you to collaborate with them; especially when the goal is spreading knowledge and positivity! I am including a small excerpt and a link to the site. Please, let me know what you think! Day in…… Continue reading It’s Time to Talk – Mental Health


Portion Control

One of the biggest changes – and also possibly the hardest – I have made in my journey to living healthier was controlling my food portions. I mean, if a little bit is good, then a lot is great. Right?! While calorie counting can be very beneficial, knowing your portions may prove increasingly helpful for…… Continue reading Portion Control


How My Hormones Caused My Depression

Sounds like I’m using my hormones as a scapegoat, right? That’s exactly how I started to feel too. I have been dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depressions for some time now. If I was truly honest, possibly on and off throughout my life. But, the reality of it is that we all do at…… Continue reading How My Hormones Caused My Depression