What’s a “Super” Food?

I’m pretty sure my first reaction to initially hearing the word superfood was something along the lines of: “Um, excuse me, my expanding waist size is here to tell you that all food is super.” I had never heard of such a thing before in my life. Now, you see the term everywhere. I figured maybe we…… Continue reading What’s a “Super” Food?


FA(s)T Food

Whoever the sly son-of-a-gun was that managed to sneak that ‘s’ in there was slicker than snot on a doorknob. (I know my fellow southerners expected a goose poo reference instead. 😉)  For those who are unaware, fast food can cause immense weight gain along with many other complications. The problem is, it’s so stinking…… Continue reading FA(s)T Food


12 Choices For Healthy Snacking

I mentioned before how I am a big fan of snacking. Unfortunately, the desire of randomly satiating different craving during the day also contributed to weight gain.  Now, snacking in itself is not a bad thing. We know it is more beneficial for your body to eat 5-6 balanced, small meals during the day. I…… Continue reading 12 Choices For Healthy Snacking


Eating Meaningfully

Meaningless eating is a tough habit to break. I know that it has been quite a challenge for myself, and I am sure it is for others as well. I can be a compulsive eater. I’m hungry, I eat. I’m bored, I eat. I’m upset, I eat. I’m stressed, I eat. I think you get the idea.…… Continue reading Eating Meaningfully


15 Tricks For Better Sleep

I would like to think that it is pretty common knowledge that sleep is good for you. Adequate sleep is even better. It is suggested that we get a full 8 hours. Now, I don’t know about y’all, but my sleep patterns aren’t the best. Trying to fit in 8 hours of sleep each night…… Continue reading 15 Tricks For Better Sleep

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The Million Dollar Question

Many people who have known me over the years have witnessed my fluctuations of weight. Let’s all understand that I have never been small. I wasn’t really what I would call “fat”, but always had a little extra chunk. An extra jiggle in the middle, if you will. Even as a kid. As I said before,…… Continue reading The Million Dollar Question


10 Foods to Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is how the immune system naturally protects our body from infection by things like viruses or bacteria. The problem is, that sometimes the inflammatory process can get out of control, causing your body to suffer.  When it begins to rage out of control, inflammation can cause complications from you head to your toes. It…… Continue reading 10 Foods to Fight Inflammation