A Better Self

Be Kind to YOU.

Why is it so hard for us to do this? Why are we our own harshest critic and worst enemy? Why?!

Let’s start putting forth more positive thinking, and let’s start with ourselves. I get it, I do. I am frequently my own biggest doubter and last supporter. I find fault in my appearance, put my wants on the back-burner, and question my abilities. What does this solve? If I cannot love and have conviction in myself, who else can?

This post is just as much for myself as for the next individual who reads it…

Be POSITIVE! Love yourself. Take care of the temple that your soul dwells in. Do the things that make your being happy. Take back being you!

I find it incredibly easy to get lost in the day-to-day life we live as adults. We work, we come home, we take care of what is necessary, we sleep, and repeat. We spend time doing for others and neglecting our own selves in the process. It is important and essential that we treasure ourselves, our body, our happiness.

So, let’s make this our goal for the new 2017:

Love yourself! Be yourself! Take care of YOUR self!

It is time we think positive. Cut ourselves some slack. Be your own biggest supporter. Take care of what you should hold dearest. Make achieving a healthy wellness a priority. A negative mindset is not only unhealthy for our emotional self, but it can cause physical ailments and symptoms. It can make your body more susceptible to illness. Cut it out! Find the things that make you happy and place a heavy emphasis on those.

Do it for YOU.

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6 thoughts on “Be Kind to YOU.

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  2. I need this reminder right now! Be kind to myself. I may be pushing myself too hard, with 4 kids to take care of and 2 are newborns. Thank you for writing this post!

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