10 Healthy-ish Sweet & Salty Snacks

May the person who decided to combine the flavors of the seductively sweet & sensationally salty together, be blessed for eternity. Not much is more glorious than the combination of these two opposing flavors. Chocolate covered pretzels, M&Ms and peanuts, Reese’s Pieces and popcorn. The problem is, it seems like the most perfect of these combinations are not always the “healthiest”. Completely unfair, right?!

Now, for some, that may mean that you just shy away from this beautiful concoction altogether. Not I. No sir. I will not deny my taste buds a glimpse of heaven. The pure thought makes me want to cringe. Although I do enjoy a good salted caramel brownie or chocolate covered peanuts from time to time, I try to veer towards a more nutritional option frequently to satisfy this craving.

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So, I figured we could line out a few healthy-ish snack options that allow you to get your fix without feeling so guilty afterwards. (I say “healthy-ish” because I cannot, and will not, promise things such as chocolate will not be involved. After all, without chocolate, what is life?) And, I figure, if I can eat something that is semi-nutritious and also simultaneously gives me the illusion of eating something a little naughty, well, that’s not too bad of a deal either.




  1. Apples & Peanut Butter
  2. Popcorn with Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate
  3. Healthy Trail-Mix
  4. Sweet & Salty Granola
  5. Strawberries with Peanut Butter & Yogurt Dip
  6. Dark Chocolate Superfood Bites
  7. Dark Chocolate Almonds
  8. Fruit & Cheese
  9. Strawberry Feta Salad
  10. Salted Chocolate Clementine Wedges

What is your favorite sweet & salty snack – healthy or maybe not so?



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30 thoughts on “10 Healthy-ish Sweet & Salty Snacks

  1. They sound yummy! I do the strawberry feta salad a lot (or use goat cheese). I am not a big raw apple fan, so do the peanut butter on banana instead.

    Really, chocolate covered salty pretzels are the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is that not the correct amount?! LOL. I completely understand. Portion control was a huge problem for me previously. I have gotten much better about it now.


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